Yumiko Ishizuka
voice alquimista/mushician

♪What is Voice Alquimista?

My voice ( a wave motion ) adjusts your energy, gives you healings and
harmonizes your body and mind.
My voice with fine vibration resonating with human body eases stress, calms
emotions, balances your mind and brings out abilities
of self-healing that we are all born with.

*******Yumiko's Profile*******

Yumiko…voice alquimista/mushician

Birth Place: Tokyo,Japan

Born into a family of musicians and took up the piano and vocal music at
the age of thirteen.

Attended Tokyo Art High School of Music and Kunitachi
College of Music.

While in College, formed Triolet, a musical unit,
(predecessor of Famirosa Harmony) with her two sisters. In
1990, Triolet won the best artist award from New Artist
Audition held by Sony Music Entertainment. Since then,
Triolet has appeared on NHK TV music programs and radio

Yumiko has had many live concert experiences with Triolet
which let her expand her music into a wider range of
styles, such as popular music and other genres.

In 1994, with her mother and her sisters, Yumiko started a
family ensemble group called "Famirosa Harmony". They have
given concerts all over Japan.

Famirosa Harmony has released a CD which is a collection
of pieces composed by little-known and overlooked female
composers. Yumiko strongly believes part of her life work
is to present these female composers to a larger audience
and share the beauty of their music with the world.

In January 2000, Famirosa Harmony were invited to perform
in Germany and Italy by the German Mozart Society, where
they won the highest praise.

In 2003 learned hypnotherapy and has been uniting singing and hypnotherapy
since then.
In 2004, inspired by Fatima, Portugal, became a voice-healer and started
"Rose Spirit"

Private sessions heal you deeply by easing stresses and emotions which
you've unconsciously piled up within you.
Voice healing can tune your mind and body to hormonize, improve your
abilities of self-healing and help you balance your body, mind
and spirit.
Also she has workshops, voice trainings and concerts.

Has been dedicating Ave Maria to churches in Portugal and recording to
make CD.
Yumiko would like to practice her voice-healing therapies in Portugal where
her soul feels at home despite that it is the other side of earth.
Yumiko has been dedicating to let as many Japanese people as she can know
the beauty of Minho ( especially Braga )
, the churches and the pilgrimage between Portugal and Santiago.

In June 2006, I was invited to be on the very famous portugese TV show,RTP「Portugal no Cracao」with Julio Ishidro,
who is one of the most popular TV hosts in Portugal.